Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Concord Tee Series

I posted this picture to Instagram a couple of weeks ago.  

Then I started working with the pattern and fabric from the collection and got carried away. Seriously carried away.  I made four hacked versions of the tee using my original tee pattern. 

Next I made two t-shirt dresses with at least 3 more to come because I love a good t-shirt dress in the summer. The fabrics are stacked and ready to be cut. 

Finally, I redrew the pattern pieces using a straight size 24 to get a looser fitting tee. My original version sewn last spring is a 20 neck, 22 waist and hip. I made a couple of solid colored and a print/patterned tee using the size 24 pattern.

This is a lot of pieces sewn from one pattern. After taking pictures of the first batch of garments, I realized that I would need to write separate blog posts for each segment. One post was just too overwhelming. 

I hope you stick around for the series of posts on how I made quite a few Concord Tees for summer wearing. I've also included a new skirt that I made to go with one of the tees. And I've added instructions on how I made the flutter sleeves on the tee and the dress.

If the tees are not your thing, come back in a minute because I'm sure I will be sewing something different then! always more later!

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