Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Sweetie Redefined

For my 16th Birthday, I received one of my favourite gifts ever. My Sweetie bracelet from Links of London. I truly treasured it and every charm I was given still holds a special memory. From the 16 and 18 charms I got on those milestone Birthdays, to a star charm from My Nan & Grandad for a performance I did, and the 'R' initial I got when I started dating my now husband almost 10 years ago.  It's a keepsake that I love to look back on and reminds me of a truly happy time in my life.

The iconic bracelet is still a staple in many a jewellery lovers collection today, but with modern updates such as the option to add rose or yellow gold rings, as well as diamond beads, allowing you to create the most beautiful & unique mixed metal piece. Since my Engagement and Wedding rings are white gold and Platinum, and my favourite metal is rose gold, I really like being able to mix the two and my new Sweetie bracelet allows me to achieve the look perfectly.
The charms That adorn my Sweetie bracelet today reflect who I am now, And Links have a range of charms to help make your bracelet one of a kind and personal to you. I love the beautiful, ornate feather charm. I chose it as a reminder of loved ones that are no longer with me. I always feel close to my Nan whenever I see a robin and believe that it means she's watching over me. My other Nan who I'm very close too has always told me that when you find a feather, it means a loved one has sent it as a sign to say they're looking after you, so feathers hold a special place in my heart. The wishbone is of course to help bring me luck. I have always been drawn to lucky symbols, especially on jewellery pieces and I find there's something fascinating about wishbones. Finally, I chose a sterling silver heart locket. Since becoming a Mum, anything that can be made personal has taken on a whole new level of meaning, and I love that once the new baby arrives, I'll be able to put two tiny little photos of my tiny little babes inside the locket, to keep them with me wherever I go. You can also get this charm engraved, so I think I'll have their initials put on the front to make it ever more meaningful. I paired my Sweetie bracelet with the stunning Narrative 18K Rose Gold Bracelet and the Timeless Sterling Silver bracelet to create a gorgeous stack.
I love the fact that my bracelet nods towards nostalgia and reminds me of my teenage years, but also now takes on a new meaning as a women, someone with different priorities and values. I don't think there are many brands that could achieve that.
This post is in collaboration with Links of London

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