Saturday, 20 May 2017

I Love Fabric!

I make no apologies for loving fabric as much as I do. To me, fabric is like paint to a painter.  How do you create a masterpiece or a basic without resources? Now I know there are multiple ways to acquire "the raw material" or fabric. I also know that some of us obviously don't need as much variety to create with and to them I say brava.  However, I need more choice plain & simple AND I like having that choice.

It's also been brought to my attention that when I used the word "orgasmic" to describe my feelings about my fabric collection, some thought that I used the word incorrectly. Not to lecture but I like words as much as I like fabric...and I like the various definitions of a word.

Here is how google/ describes "orgasmic":
informal - very enjoyable or exciting. Intense or unrestrained excitement.
e.g. "the album is an orgasmic whirl of techno soundscapes"

To me this definitely describes the feeling that fabric ~ the buying of, adding to my collection, and even the using of, gives me which finally brings me to the purpose of this post.

I've been attempting to decrease the amount of fabric I purchase, being fully aware of just how much I have. I'm also aware of how much storage space I have to store it in and that my collection is approaching the limit of my storage capabilities. So my purchases are definitely more well-thought out now and there are less of them. With those thoughts in mind, here are some new additions to the collection:

One of the fabrics that I don't own much of is denim. I didn't really need it in my previous life so I had only a few pieces in the collection. Those pieces were quickly sewn up once my lifestyle changed. Therefore, lately most of my purchases tend to be denim related.

It's easy and quick to collect the basic denim colors - shades of blue, black and lighter hues and I have quite a bit of that. However, I also like the prints, stripes and patchwork pieces of denim, too. So here's what I recently added to the collection.

I bought 4 yards of this and it's on sale this weekend - 60% off!
It's a stunning piece - IMHO!

This was from the StyleMaker Fabric's Selvage Yard Section
It's a 1 yard piece of a Corded Floral Lace Denim - that I want to use for accent pieces 

I've linked to the pieces that are still available for you to purchase. I mean if you're interested in adding a little more denim fabric to your collection. *LOL* However, I'm thinking I need to rearrange a shelf in the fabric wall so that I can display all of the denim fabric I've bought lately and make it easier to find.

I'm finishing up one more button down using my TNT shirt pattern and made from a ltwt. cotton floral fabric recently purchased from Fabric Mart's brick 'n mortar store...I just got distracted by the amazingly Julyish weather we had here in the Tri-State area this week!

...then I'm using this denim combination to make another Lenox Shirtdress.
The white selvage denim with the floral denim 

That's what's been added to my fabric collection and what's on my sewing table. What's on yours?

P.S. ~ Don't forget to leave a comment on the Lenox Shirtdress post, if you want to be entered in the give-away for either a printed or pdf pattern! always more later!

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