Wednesday, 24 May 2017

I'm Guilty of This, Are You?

I bought my Janome 8900QCP in January 2013 so I've had it four years. Since I went from a Janome 6600P to this version, I took the new sewing machine out of the box and pretty much started using it.

I upgraded my sewing machine because it was always my dream to sew on a TOL sewing machine. Now while I know other sewists prefer the older, vintage, or mechanical machines, I've been sewing since I was 11, and always on a cheaper, lower end machine. In the last decade, as my children got older, I was able to invest in a better sewing machine and serger.

Since I basically "knew" how to work my machine, I did not take the time to learn all of the machine's tricks. It is a TOL machine and has quite a few features. Lately, I've wanted to use some of the features that I was neglecting. This machine comes with 18 feet and the dealer threw in a teflon foot and extra bobbins...cause we always need extra bobbins!

My feet are:
  1. A Zigzag foot
  2. Rolled Hem foot
  3. Zipper foot
  4. Satin foot
  5. Open toe satin foot
  6. Blind hemming foot
  7. Overcast foot
  8. 1/4" seam foot
  9. Darning foot
  10. Convertible free motion quilting foot
  11. Close toe foot
  12. Open toe foot
  13. Clear view foot
  14. Automatic buttonhole foot with stabilizing plate
  15. Dual feed foot and holder
  16. Button Sewing foot
  17. Quilting guide bar
  18. Cloth guild
It has a knee lift and extra wide plastic table. There is also a straight throat plate and a zigzag throat plate.

Four years in, I've just started sewing buttons on using the button hole foot...probably because I normally sew on only a couple buttons, not 8, 10, 12 at a time. Now that I'm sewing more button downs and exploring shirtdresses this spring/summer, hand sewing on that many buttons is daunting.

The other thing I've recently started using is my straight stitch throat plate. No more lightweight fabrics getting caught in the wider opening. And my sewing machine is so calibrated that once you change stitch plates, the display on the side changes too.

My machine with the straight needle plate 

Side view showing info for straight stitching

Listing of stitches on sewing machine lid

Next up is putting my knee lift in and using it. I know, I know but I just didn't see the point of it when I first got the machine!

Which brings me to the Question of the Day.  Do you use ALL of the features on your sewing machine? Even middle of the line and lower range sewing machines have more features on them than they use to. So do you use them? If so, which features are your favorites? If not, why not?

This is the Question of the Day so talk back to me people!

Also, please note that I'm a guest blogger tomorrow on Fabric Mart's blog ~ "Fabric Mart Fabricistas!" I participated in their #sewcoolskirts challenge for May. So please hop on over and check out the blog post! always more later!

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