Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Are you the #RightTWIX or #LeftTWIX ?

People always ask us... how do we get along so well being identical twins? and do we ever fight? Well, we are similar, yet different and love the same things! But one thing’s for sure, having our favourite sides has definitely helped our sisterhood and friendship. It allowed us not to argue as much because we have always had our dedicated sides. When we share a TWIX, Cailli is always the #RightTWIX and Sam is always the #LeftTWIX. Here is why Sam always chooses the left side and Cailli always chooses the right side! 
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Sam- Even though we are identical twins we still have our differences. Especially when putting on makeup! I like to do my eye makeup first on the left. Cailli always starts with her right eye first. But obviously my way is the better way... lol! At least my eye liner goes on straight!
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Cailli- Well, I always sleep on the right side of the bed. It's the better side for sure! We travel a lot and sometimes we end up in a hotel that only has one bed and we need to share. Instead of fighting about it... we figure out the situation really fast. Who knows, maybe we were on these sides in the womb! lol! Hahah! So why do I sleep on the right side? Because it super comfy and cozy and it's the right side! And it's the BEST SIDE!
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Sam- When we are on photoshoots, we always ask hairstylists what side (left or right) looks better for our hair, for a side flip, ponytail or braid and they always tell me flip left. It just looks better with the shape of my face. And they tell Cailli to flip right. Who knows if they are really telling the truth... or just know how much we love our "SIDES"!
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Cailli- We take a lot of photos and selfies together and Sam is 2.5 inches taller than me. First of all, that doesn't make her side any better, it just makes her look like a giant when she stands next to me. So, I always stand on her right...it just looks better and makes us look more the same height. It just feels right...get it? lol! 

Which side are you? Are you the #LeftTWIX or are you the #RightTWIX? Check out http://twixstudy.tumblr.com/ to help you decide!
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