Sunday, 7 May 2017

Another Border Print Turner Dress

This fabric begged me to turn it into a Turner Dress - begged people really!
So I was obliged to do so! *LOL*

Construction Information ~
On my own I seem incapable of following the Turner Dress instructions. I really wanted a maxidress so I used up all of my extra fabric lengthening the skirt pattern. Fabric which should have been used for the bodice lining. 

I thought I would be able to make the lining from the leftover scraps but when I sewed the outside to the inside, it pulled funny.  Probably because I cut one front & back piece on the lengthwise grain and one front & back piece on the straight grain. You would think that it wouldn't matter with a knit but it I unpicked ALL of the BLACK stitching and topstitching.

At first I thought I would add black foldover elastic to the neckline because it's a great finish and it worked for my Turner Tunic which has the same neckline. However, after sleeping on it, I decided to stabilize the neckline with a bias iron on tape and fold, press and stitch. A cheater neckline and not at all what Jenny designed but hey when do I follow pattern instructions?!

For the dress skirt, I added 5" to the lengthen and shorten line and another inch at the hemline. I really wanted a maxidress but I only had three yards and the skirt width takes up a large amount of fabric. 

After trying it on I removed about 1.5" from the center front where the pattern dips. The ITY knit was causing it to hang funny so it had to go. Originally I used 3/4 length sleeves but after adding the sweater it didn't work. I removed a couple of inches from the sleeve so the dress would work better with the sweater. 

Fabric Used ~
I used 3 yards of an ITY knit that I bought at Fabric Mart during Carriage Corner Sew Camp. It was a find because it was only a dollar a yard. It's interesting that I bought this since I'm not a huge fan of ITY knits. I love the way the fabric takes color and the amazing prints that are available. I even like the stretch but sewing it...even wearing it because it's such a thin knit...not a big fan at all.

Several pictures of the dress ~

Conclusion ~
After constructing and putting it on, I wasn't that thrilled with the dress. I thought the print would pop more. It's nice and I will wear it especially since it cost me about $5 to make but I don't love it.

This is how I will actually wear it ~

RTW short sleeve cardigan, dress and slip on sneakers

Finally, this is a simple sew and an easy to wear dress so there will probably be more versions sewn in the future, just in a heavier weight knit. I really want to make a maxidress version. But if not, then definitely this fall, it will look great in a ponte with tights and shoe booties.

A Photography Note ~
I took these myself. My daughter had some other plans this weekend and since the grandbabies are getting older and have more activities, her weekends are pretty busy. Even though I love taking pictures outside, I'm a lot more comfortable inside with the camera. I will wait for my daughter on really special makes because I love the greenery in my complex and how they frame my summer makes. 

Next on the cutting table is another button down. It's going to be March kinda spring not May kinda spring for the next two weeks so summer dresses aren't appealing to me right not. So I thought I would work on another button down. That's what's I'm sewing now. always more later!

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